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About Us

Sidney Levin

1923 - Sidney Levin

In 1923 Sidney Levin opened the first Lebo's in uptown Charlotte, NC. Initially, Lebo's began with footwear for the entire family, specializing in hard to fit feet. With children's sizes from infant's 00 to women's sizes to 13 from AAAA to EEE and men's sizes to 17 EEEEE, Lebo's developed a strong client base. By personally fitting feet to assure proper fit, Lebo's until this day is known for service, sizes and selection.

Jerry Levin

1952 - Jerry Levin

In 1952 Mr. Sidney's son, Jerry Levin, our CEO, expanded Lebo's by adding a dancewear department. This provides a complete line of ballet, tap, jazz, clogging and square dance products which includes tights, leotards, shoes, taps and accessories for all the dancer's needs.

In 1963, Jerry propelled Lebo's to prominence as a national distributor and manufacturer of dance costumes through its Colorama catalog. Our logo "If it's dancewear, it's Lebos" says it all. Jerry founded the Lebos "Barbette" label with a full line of dance shoes and dancewear products which today is a recognizable name brand across North America and in Europe.

Jerry went a step further in 1964 by adding a western wear department to satisfy the needs of local equestrians and farmers. Our motto "We sell everything but the horse" accompanied the addition of many new products from saddles, bridles, and vet supplies, to riding attire for both the western and English rider. Lebo's Boot Hill "Where the toughest boots in the world lie here" stocks every type of boot imaginable from the exotic skin cowboy boot to the steel toe waterproof work boot.

Mark Goldsmith

1984 - Mark Goldsmith

In 1984, Mark Goldsmith, Mr. Levin's son-in-law, joined the company with expertise in sales and management and is responsible for expanding Lebo's to its current eight retail store locations. Mark is President and oversees all store purchasing and operations.

Binyamin Levin

1992 - Binyamin Levin

In 1992, Binyamin Levin, Mr. Levin's son, joined Lebo's and spearheaded the design and development of Lebo's computerized inventory control and management information systems. Binyamin is Vice President and oversees the wholesale dancewear department, inventory control system and Internet development.