Aetrex iStep Machine

Aetrex iStep Machine 

Lebo’s is not only a fun place to shop for western wear, boots, shoes, clothing and dancewear, but one of the things that catches your eye is a high-tech machine that consists of a video monitor connected to a platform on the ground. This is the Aetrex iStep Machine. Take off your shoes, stand on the platform with your hands at your sides, and here’s what happens: in less than 30 seconds it scans the surface of the platform, measures the pressure points of your feet, identifies your arch type, and gives you an accurate measurement of your foot size, including foot width. Then, the iStep selects the ideal footwear and orthotics for you.

MonitorSo, of course I had to try it out for myself. Even though I don’t spend all day on my feet, my feet still hurt by day’s end and I find myself kicking off my shoes just to get some relief. This is due to the poor fitting, off-the-shelf shoes I wear and also to a back injury I suffered over a year ago which affects my right side and still plagues me daily. I had to know if there was any merit to the Aetrex iStep Machine and if recommendations based on my results could provide me with any comfort throughout the day, for my feet and my back. And so I grabbed an eager-to-help sales associate, kicked off my shoes, and stepped onto the iStep Machine.

PlatformThe first thing I noticed is that you have to stand with your feet parallel to each other – a little unnatural, if not uncomfortable, because most people tend to stand with their feet pointed slightly outward at the toes. That said, I didn’t have to stand like that very long before an image of my feet with pressure points showed up on the monitor. And that’s when I first saw the real story of what was really going on with my stance and the pressure points of my feet.

The iStep marks the levels in pressure similar to infrared images, but instead of red being the hottest and blue the coolest, the reds show the greatest pressure and the blues show the least, with levels of yellows and oranges in between. Based on the information the iStep Machine was displaying, the sales associate noticed something immediately and remarked that I had really high arches. This was news to me because I always thought I had fairly flat feet, but she expertly noticed it right away.

Pressure Points

The other thing the iStep showed me was how severely my bad back was affecting the way I was standing, specifically the pressure points of my feet. My right foot showed some small orange and yellows on my right heel with a hint of blues, but almost no color at all on the ball of my right foot. The balls of my left foot showed almost all blues, but most of the pressure – the darkest reds and the oranges – were on my left heel. The iStep clearly showed how much I was compensating for my right-side back and nerve pain by transferring almost all of my weight to my left heel, even in a relaxed standing position. It also showed that the shoes and drug-store flat inserts I was currently wearing weren’t helping me at all because they had virtually no arch support. It was quickly apparent that my inserts weren’t providing me any added support and very little cushion. No wonder my feet and back were causing me so much discomfort.

The solution? The sales associate took over and, based on my iStep results, she knew immediately what I needed and handed me the correct pair of Aetrex Lynco orthotic inserts designed for arch support. She told me to put one in my right shoe and walk around. Sure, I was walking a little lop-sided, but that made it so easy to feel the difference the orthotic made! I felt immediate relief on my right side and when I put the other support in my left shoe I could actually feel some relief from my back pain too. But the best part was that I wasn’t favoring my right side by carrying most of my weight on my left side anymore. I had no idea how much my foot health was affecting my overall health, but I was sold. And another great aspect of the Aetrex inserts is they come with the Lynco orthotics “30-Day Unconditional Comfort Guarantee”. You can’t beat that.

To see the iStep Machine in action: Better yet, stop by Lebo’s of Charlotte, Pineville, Concord, Gastonia, Cornelius, Rock Hill or Spartanburg and step on board the Aetrex iStep Machine and try it out for yourself. Make sure to take advantage of the expertise of the sales associates too. Your feet will thank you.